Admission Process

Upon successfully completing the initial steps for admission at Falcon Degree College of Management, students enter the subsequent phase, which involves the confirmation of admission and handling fee installments. This phase is crucial for securing your spot at the institution.

  1. Receipt of Admission Offer: Once your application has been reviewed, and you have been selected based on merit, you will receive an official offer of admission from Falcon Degree College. This offer will outline the terms and conditions of your admission, including the prescribed fee.
  2. Payment Deadline: It’s imperative to adhere to the payment deadline specified in your admission offer. Failure to pay the prescribed fee by the given date may result in the forfeiture of your admission slot.
  3. Confirmation of Admission: Your admission to Falcon Degree College will be confirmed only upon the successful payment of the required fee within the stipulated time frame. This confirmation ensures your place in the chosen program.
  4. Fee Installments: Falcon Degree College understands the financial considerations of its students and may offer options for fee payment in installments. If such arrangements are available, ensure that you follow the provided guidelines for installment payments to avoid any complications.
  5. Documentation: Alongside fee payment, you may be required to submit additional documentation or forms as specified by the college. It’s essential to complete this paperwork promptly to finalize your enrollment.
  6. Orientation and Welcome: Upon confirmation of admission, you can look forward to participating in orientation programs and other welcoming activities organized by Falcon Degree College. These events are designed to familiarize you with the campus, faculty, and fellow students, ensuring a smooth transition into college life.
  7. Academic Planning: As you await the commencement of classes, take advantage of any resources or support services offered by the college to help you plan your academic journey. Guidance counselors and academic advisors are available to assist you in selecting courses and creating a roadmap for your educational goals.

By following these steps diligently and meeting all requirements promptly, you can secure your admission at Falcon Degree College of Management and embark on a rewarding academic journey towards your desired degree.

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