Falcon Degree College For Women

Falcon Degree College For Women

 Falcon Degree College For Women

Falcon Degree College For Women:

Institution Falcon Degree College for Women
Location Bangalore, Karnataka
Affiliation Falcon Degree College for Women TO Falcon Institution.org
 Courses Offered  (BBA) (BCA) &  (B.COm)
Exclusivity Exclusively for women
Academic Excellence Rigorous curriculum designed for holistic development
Faculty Experienced and qualified faculty with expertise in business and related fields
Infrastructure State-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms and technology labs
Holistic Development Emphasis on extracurricular activities, leadership training, and soft skills
Industry Interaction Regular guest lectures, industry visits, and internships for practical exposure
Community Engagement Active participation in social initiatives and community service
Career Support Dedicated career counseling, placement assistance, and industry connections

Falcon stands as a shining example of dedication to women’s education and empowerment. For a great number of women in the area, this prestigious institution has been a light of knowledge and advancement. The unique qualities of Falcon  will be discussed in detail in this article.

Primus Group of Institutions aims at catering quality education to all sections of society by nurturing the creative potential of the students and preparing them to face the challenges of life to become socially responsible. It offers undergraduate programs in Commerce, Management, BBA, B.Com, and BCA.The institution is holding a proud position and feel honoured to announce that the college has a good strength of students and a highly qualified staff, who explore excellence in the field of education, sports, crafts etc..


Falcon College  is not just a place of learning; it’s a place of transformation. It encourages women to have great dreams, pursue their ambitions, and get to the top of their respective industries. Falcon  College continues to be a driving force in women’s education and empowerment, influencing the future of innumerable women in Karnataka and beyond, with a dedication to academic achievement, a friendly atmosphere, and an emphasis on holistic growth.


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